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Boiler Service

A boiler should be serviced every year to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. If it is not serviced this will affect any warranty you may have. We will carry out all safety checks, perform a flue gas analysis and strip and clean any parts that are affecting performance. Ensuring that your boiler is running optimally and increasing it's lifespan


Unvented Cylinder Service

We will check the pressure of your expansion vessels and recharge as necessary. Clean out the filter and perform checks on all your safety devices ensuring everything is not only in working order but also performing optimally. Validating your manufacturer’s warranty and guarantees the cylinder operates efficiently in compliance with industry guidance


Landlord Safety Checks (CP12's)

Landlord safety certificates issued. All safety checks carried out on your properties gas appliances. Boiler & cooker/hob is £60. Gas fires incur an extra charge.

from £60

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